“We’ll never serve chicken” was actually muttered by the owners and founders of Meatheads in the beginning. If you know them like I do, then you’ll understand that this statement was not ┬áborn from a sense of pride or dislike for chicken, but more from a sense of the immense time and energy it would take to get it just right. So, about 6 years into Meatheads and 10 restaurants later, the team embarked on adding our now famous chicken tenders to the Meatheads menu. But as I said, not without aches and pains…

The process in of itself took about 2 years to complete (you heard right, two years!). The result? A hand-breaded, never-frozen chicken tender twice dipped in buttermilk, and covered in Meatheads signature (and secret) recipe of herbs and spices that would make The Colonel proud (and event a bit jealous). Still curious…(see our video below)

So, this year we thought it was time to celebrate what has become one of the most popular items on our menu. Tomorrow, July 27, 2017 is National Chicken Tenders Day and we’re offering our 4 Piece Chicken Tenders for Buy One, Get One Free! This is one day only special, so take advantage while you can!

Take Care,
Meatheads Joe