our new loyalty program


what has changed?

track your loyalty points
receive a free burger on your birthday
view our menu and locations
pay directly from your phone


how do I get started?

1. download the app

-available in the app store and google play

2. create your new account

-don’t worry, your loyalty points will follow you!

3. migrate your current loyalty points

-this will convert your points into $$
-migrate in the app or by following this link
at the moment, only loyalty cards can be migrated
-gift cards will be able to be migrated at a later date

4. where can I find my card # to migrate my points?

-there are 2 types of loyalty cards, see the pictures below to find out where your unique number is


 5. add a credit card to your account to be able to pay directly from your phone


what if I don’t want to use the app?

-ask for one of our new loyalty cards
-activate it online by following this link
-migrate your current points by following this link
-then you’re all set!


earn free meatheads credit

for a limited time, invite your friends to join our meatheads
app and you both receive a $2 credit.