Have you ever been around someone who is an expert at what they do? I have.

There are two cooks working at my Meatheads location in Normal, Illinois who are absolute rock stars at preparing our French fries, Alan and Abraham.

French Fry Masters

Alan (left) and Abraham showcasing a step in the 32-step process to making French fries at the Normal Meatheads location.

You might not know that our fries are prepared using a meticulous 32-step process, which starts by hand-cutting each potato every single morning. That may sound trivial, but I think I need to reiterate that one of our cooks literally handles every single potato throughout this process, long before it is made to order and served to your table.

A good cook knows how to identify when a potato has a high starch content and needs to be rinsed off more than the others, or when to adjust the cooking time, or the temperature of the oil. Sufficed to say that a good French fry is a beautiful thing! A product of hard work, care, and science.  It all boils down to caring, and Alan and Abraham care a lot. They truly care about doing a good job, about the end product, about serving something amazing to our guests, and something they can be proud of serving.

Alan has only been with us a short while but has quickly become a big part of our family. While Abraham, who is affectionately called “abuelito” (grandpa) because he has wisdom beyond his years, has been with us since 2011.

So, visit our store in Normal to try some of  Alan and Abraham’s ‘made with care’ fries. I think you’ll soon agree with me that they are experts.

Take care,
Holly Sanford
Normal General Manager
[email protected]